Drdt-47 is a fictional character that is adopted from mecha and robot. It is a legion of AJ-354 planet whose superpower to run and fly like a flash and accurate shots. 
Drdt-47 run away from a massive war between AJ-354 and 017-O planet. They fought over oil and food supplies, in which AJ-354 is knocked down and colonized by Oily Monster.
On his run, Drdt-47 crashed by a holographic planet near his origin. Due to this crash, he stranded on this planet and lost all his power. An old robot found Drdt-47 and made him to be able to travel through time and witnessed the dark history of the galaxy. 
As he came back from his time travel, Drdt-47 went to planets of the galaxy to deliver a message from the past. His engine started to get down as he travelled through the galaxy, but with the help of other robots, he was finally able to be back on. They united to attack Oily Monster and reclaim AJ-354 planet from the monster’s hand. After a massive encounter, the robots successfully repelled Oily Monster out and set the AJ-354 planet free.
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